29 Feb 2024

Tackling Automatic Incident Detection in Urban

In the bustling hubs of our cities, every second counts when it comes to detecting and responding to traffic incidents. Imagine a world where the time between a traffic incident occurring and it being resolved is minimized to the bare essentials.

14 Dec 2023

FRONTIER Network and Traffic Management

Transportation is a captivating and complex domain, interconnecting a multitude of technologies, individual choices, and unpredictable events. All of this takes place within the intricate web of political, social, and economic influences, forming a dynamic and multifaceted landscape.

30 Nov 2023

Traffic incidents and automated response plans

Traffic incidents and congestion mostly in urban areas represent a huge problem for modern societies since they increase greenhouse emissions and affect quality of life. Additionally, traffic incidents usually have negative effects on transportation systems and may cause delay, property and health damage, injuries, and fatalities. A traffic incident represents any unpredictable occurrence that disrupts traffic flow and reduces roadway capacity such as a broken-down vehicle, accidents and collisions. However, traffic management systems (TMS) aim to minimise the negative effects of such traffic incidents, decrease the overall travel time and fuel consumption, improve the overall traffic efficiency and enhance the safety of the transportation systems.

06 Nov 2023

Data, simulation and much more

The ‘data fever’ of the last few decades has undeniably led to great advances in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’ve seen a paradigm shift from automating processes to extracting insights from data—usually very large amounts of data. The transport modeling sector has been no exception to this trend, and we have seen a marked shift to data-driven (and hybrid) solutions.

23 Oct 2023

Synchromodality: how FRONTIER can help the

Synchromodality constitutes a technological and organisational innovation aiming to induce the mode shift by enabling a flexible and adaptive mode and route choice based on real-time information.

14 Sep 2023

Synergies with other EU projects - the power of

Synergies with other projects can have a great impact on the future developments of a project. The goal of collaboration with the projects that share common research interests and conduct research in similar topics is to collaborate in research, validate project’s concept, findings and advantages, gather ideas, transfer knowledge and share experiences with each other.