Developing traffic and network management of the future

About the Webinar

FRONTIER will present its findings in relation to the requirements and needs of stakeholders involved in the management and operation of transport network systems, as well as mobility and technology service providers active in the transport sector. The identified needs and requirements have been captured and discussed in two open workshops held in January and April 2022 and accompanied questionnaire studies.

ORCHESTRA will introduce its current work and expected outcomes. ORCHESTRA provides multimodal coordination of traffic management to support optimal traffic flows, also in the case of unforeseen events. This is based on a Polycentric Multimodal Architecture (PMA) that specify how diverse systems collaborate and interact, taking into account smart infrastructures, technical and organisational aspects and governance. The project will validate and evaluate the multimodal traffic management concept and related tools in two Living Labs (in Norway and Italy) and through simulations, collectively covering both road, rail, water and air transport.

TANGENT aims to support the transport operators and traffic managers on the decision-making process for optimizing traffic operations. For this, TANGENT will deliver a suite of ICT tools based on artificial intelligence techniques that will help to a better management of transport resources, with the target of balancing transport supply and demand.


The DIT4TraM project - Distributed Intelligence and Technology for Traffic and Mobility Management,aims to apply ‘swarm intelligence’ to manage multimodal traffic and transport flows and investigateswhether this approach is feasible for traffic and transport. The focus is on individual travellers, connected cars, smart bicycles, and intelligent traffic control systems. Simply put, DIT4TraM exploreshow it is possible to get these agents to communicate and interact locally in such a way that they automatically contribute to the greater goal of a smooth and safe traffic flow.


Type of Audience

Companies and organizations related to the mobility/transport network and MaaS platforms such as transport operators, authorities and municipalities, automotive sector, logistics, infrastructure and service providers, policy makers, Authorities (cities, regions, policy makers) and people from the business sector.




10:00-10:05 Welcome & 4FRONT Cluster Introduction

Runar Søråsen, ORCHESTRA Coordinator and Project Manager, ITS Norway

10:05-10:15 Presentation title: The role of digital transformation on the journey to traffic and network management of the future Full name: Niko Stieldorf Role in the company: Responsible for commercialization of SWARCO’s software platform “MyCity” Company: Global Business Development SW Solutions

10:15-10:30 TANGENT project: Data processing techniques for traffic management optimization Leire Serrano, Coordinator of TANGENT, DeustoTech – University of Deusto.

10:30-10:45 ORCHESTRA project: Resilient orchestration of the traffic in the whole traffic system Marit Natvig, Technical Manager ORCHESTRA, Research Scientist at SINTEF

10:45-11:00 DIT4TraM project: Swarm intelligence to manage traffic and mobility Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, Coordinator DIT4TRAM, Director Mobility Innovation Centre TU Delft

11:00-11.15 FRONTIER project: Stakeholder requirements and needs for future network management systems Panos Georgakis, Technical Coordinator FRONTIER, Professor in Intelligent Transportation Systems, University of Wolverhampton

11:15-11:30 Q&A session